Kirtihermitage in Rishikesh


(With Maa Gyaan Suveera)

An empirical invocation retreat by the Ganga

Dates : 17th April’24 to 21st April ’24
4 experiential days, in the pristine Anand Lok Ashram on the outskirts of Rishikesh.

Explore the wondrous 10 functional forms and expressions of that One Mother of the Universe, the Dash Mahavidyas
She is the only knowable , with nothing else remaining to be learnt or done !!



  • Understanding the miraculous Mahavidyas, Vidyas, and Siddha Vidyas. A quick recap of level 1 studythe Kali dynasty and Sri dynasty 
  • Siddhis and Yogic Powers of these fierce and gentle Goddesses
  • prime seed mantras of the 10 Mahavidyas
  • Aadya, mool Prakriti, prathama munda Malini , siddhi-daatri
  • Kaankaal Malini , and the merits of her worship
  • Tripura, the Goddess of three regions, Lalita TripurSundari , her fields of salvation from the noisy mundane , Siddhi and Moksha daatri
  • Raj Rajeshwari, her field of extraordinary abilities and luxuries, Siddhi Vidya and Bhog Daatri
  • Moksha Daatri Chhinna , her field of salvation from worldly negativity
  • Siddhi and Mangal daatri Tripur Bhairavi, the giver of extraordinary abilities in the 3 regions.
  • the non-splendorous power which benumbs trouble, the field of Dhumavati
  • Peetaambraa Goddess Bagalamukhi , her field of numbing negativity, trailokya stambhan Vidya
  • Sumukhi Uchchhishta Chaandaalini , Mohini Vidya with Maatangi
  • Kamalatmika, her field of salvation from.worldly troubles
  • Shakti Upasana , Upasana Krama
  • Yantra Swarupa
  • Yagna for the Mahavidyas
  • Mandala Worship and mantra Deeksha
  • Dosha removal and protection with Mahavidyas
  • Chandi Yagna with all participants on the last day.

EE : INR 65,000/- inclusive of food, accommodation, & course material

Only 30 participants, pl reserve at the earliest !!!
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