Kirtihermitage in Rishikesh

One on One learning with maa

KIRTI HERMITAGE is a small beautiful Ashram, on the serene banks of Mother Ganga. It is on the outskirts of Rishikesh, on the main road to Badrinath, near Vashisth Muni Cave . It is an upcoming spiritual learning center of its kind in Rishikesh.

This is the home of Maa Gyaan Suveera, a Spiritual Guide Mentor , a Teacher, who simply offers the teachings of Healing with Love & Wisdom.

We take up individual processes which has focus on Transformation. Seekers reserve their dates much in advance since only one or two people are allotted a particular date. The retreats can stretch from 2 days to a maximum of 6 days (unless there is a genuine need to take it longer)

  • One-on-One learning
  • More than 51 courses on Ancient Wisdom
  • Healing Modalities, Meditation and Wellness
  • Life Purpose Identification
  • Guna Analysis and Karma Path
  • Tarot Reading, Astro Reading, and Aura Reading
  • Special courses for Trainers, HR Managers
  • Special courses for Healers, Yoga Teachers

Get initiated to authentic Healing and Meditation , get clarity of your Life-Purpose, make a conscious choice to transform in and out . By the serene banks of the holy Ganga , with Maa Gyaan Suveera, discover your path to happiness and wellness …

Spiritual Life Coaching with Maa

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• Ms. Seema, Dehradun
This is the most unexpected experience of my life, the hermitage on the bank of river Ganga is awesome and Maa Gyan ,herself is Ganga of knowledge. Her amazing hermitage and her personal touch to everything is boundless. Her knowledge is so wide and modern that my stay for two days with her is a life time experience. Trust me she is a magician who has answers for all my confusions……… I have started feeling that finally I found a master, teacher and guide who can help me change my life. The stay in hermitage is the rejuvenation of your soul, mind and body. It is a wonderful place just like HEAVEN ON EARTH……”
• Maa Siddhika, Kolkatta
The most apt place to just “Be”!!! if your are truly looking for the Ancient touch of Indian Wisdom Teachings, the Divine Ganges,The Zen garden,combining the most delicious organic food and calming and relaxing herbal teas, it’s just at this spot “Kirti”!!!!!! To top it all the Divine Mother’s Grace and warmth, her teachings and Satsang, with all these combined energies, each day is just mesmerizing and beyond imagination. The place truly is so welcoming!!! I belong to Maa’s Spiritual Lineage, and trust me I have yet to meet a Guru, Master, Teacher, Mother, Friend like her!!! I have been visiting this place since the time it opened up, though I have known Mother for many years now!! A must visit for all those who seek the true path on their very own Spiritual Journey!!!! A treat for “thyself”!!!! Much love and Light surround All”
• Ms. Carolyn H., Lowa
Maa Gyaan has a wonderful hermitage that is peaceful, spiritual and has a surreal atmosphere directly on the ganga…. it is truly a restful and rejuvenating location… and her culinary talents with her local cooks and ingredients are very healthy, delicious and nutritious…. this is a wonderful place to come… ”
• Mesitoth
I stayed with Mas recently in her hermitage and it was a wonderful experience. Such a lovely atmosphere and I felt very close to Her. She is not only a great healer, but a fantastic teacher as well, because she teaches you how to heal yourself and your life. I felt absolutely empowed just by being around her. And the backdrop of the Ganga & the Himalayas has proven to be higly conducive for meditation and some self-reflection. ”
• YinYangYogi
Rishikesh was a magical experience for me and staying with Maa at her beautiful Kirti Hermitage was an unforgettable time. Upon arriving, I found myself in an instant state of inner calm & tranquility. The location perched in the mountains above the Ganges has spectacular views. It is a truly healing place and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to stay & study with Maa. I plan to return as often as I can to receive the wisdom that Maa so lovingly offers.
• Yulya K, Saint Petersburg City, Russia
I’ve met Mata Ji at International Yoga Festival and was so inspired with her vision of life and Reiki classes that decided to visit her ashram next day. Hermitage is situated next to Vashishtha Cave on the mountain next to Ganga. There is a breathtaking view and a cozy atmosphere. Birds, animals and organic garden – this place is full of life. Love love love to Mata Ji and her ashram. If you want to have a quite time far from spiritual marathon of Rishikesh with wise and open heart master you should visit this place. And please give a hug to Maa from me!
• Vereoniec K, Texas
My 2 days with Maa who runs and teaches was a treat to my soul. Her wisdom and kindness comes as a warm cover over you. I was lucky that the time was right, out of the unexpected I turned up and was so welcomed. it made me full of beautiful lessons to take home.
• Ms. Luciana Lisso,Brazil
the five days retreat at the hermitage was great … all tasks were well divided, walks were wonderful, learning informal, effortless and rich, food was a blessing, my stay was very comfortable … ”
• Ms Umesh Bawa Arora, KOLKATA
” Maa’s teachings are like humble, soft, twinkling, magical guidance… experience beyond imagination…..”
• Ms.Preity Sahni,DELHI,
….have found the fuel to take my life cart in the right direction……it is the birth of a new evolved and eager to grow soul….I see her as a crystal clear LIGHT ! ”
• Ms.Nathalie Edmond, CANADA
Maa has a beautiful way of speaking and brings the course content clearly to her students….she is a glowing individual in whose presence I couldn’t help but SMILE…I feel Blessed ! ”
• Ms. Andrea Penagos, USA
….she demystifies concepts which seem clouded in mystery….she has so many fantastic skills & information to share…..her spiritual generosity and willingness to convey knowledge to her students is amazing ! ”
• Ms. Vidya
Maa’s teachings are so perfect, candidly clear, and it ploughs and penetrates the heart of everyone ” !
• Mr. Sanjay
the content was rich and well paced to ensure steady learning….there was an intelligent mix of learning and practice…”
• Ms. Suvarchala
the joy, the ecstasy that I felt today after my first meditation is much higher, deeper than what I felt when I held my new born for the first time. The importance of a guru for meditation was understood……”
• Ms. Sudha Ramani
Maa Gyaan is a highly evolved soul and like her tarot reading the content of this workshop comes from a different and higher plane altogether. It is an invaluable tool in our individual evolution process….content is novel, flexible and invigorating…”
• Dr. Madhav Yendru
the content of the workshop is sufficient…excellently organized and conducted….Maa’s teachings are clear, understandable and interesting! ”
• Ms. Ujwala
the practical experience showed immediate positive impact…..a simple practical way of meditation and healing ..”
• Vikas Makhija , Delhi
Maa Suveera felt like a huge Ocean of knowledge from whom you could drink as much as you can….
• Kala Kaarthikeyan, Delhi.
meditation and art work was extremely refreshing, rewarding, intresting, encouraging and inspiring….Maa is a noble , humble human being with the fullest expression of divinity….
• Veer Inder Singh Raja, Udhampur.
the Ci Plus meditation very appealing and simply great ! my experience was amazingly praiseworthy….
•Poonam Paul, Ahmedabad.
Suveeraji is very eloquent, very well informed, excellent command on the subject and language, and the finest human being I have met !….
• Thomas George, Kerala.
Maa is a lucid speaker,info flowing as a river, very simple and well suited for the modern world….
• D N Chopra, Ahmedabad.
the workshop was a wonderful divine experience, specific and concentrated….
• AK Paul, Ahmedabad
wonderful, enlightening, got more than expected ! Maa Suveera is cheerful, has clarity in language and seems to me as a perfect human being !.
•Ajay , Moradabad
it was a heavenly grace by which I enrolled for the workshop !
•Satya narayan Raju, Banglore
. superb Workshop ! the healing sessions and Artwork sessions were fantastic, the activities were well researched, thought provoking and made me introspect.Maa Gyaan is a powerful healer, coach and a divine personality….
•Sonia Gandhi, Delhi.
the most mysterious and difficult things were taught in most simple, understandable and loving way…..