Kirtihermitage in Rishikesh

Inner Illumination

Upcoming Course

(With Maa Gyaan Suveera)

From the cryptic karmic outlook, to looking at the known unknown reasons in the backdrop of evolution, know yourself and be blessed with the wisdom of Jyotish Vidya.
It gives one the fundamental understanding and behavioral aspects of the planets.
From the healer’s point of view , participants will be guided to study the horoscope, and ascertain the hidden factors that cause and create life situations.
The course begins with initiation, clarity, and deeper insight into the subject. Progressively exploring deep crevasses, and unearthing hidden planetary reasons.

Topics :

  • Fundamentals of Vedic astrology
  • Kundli anatomy
  • Psychology of the planets
  • Strengths and weakness identification
  • Effects of the lords in different houses
  • Nakshatras
  • Effects of mahadasha and subdivisions
  • Mahapurush yogas and other important yogas
  • Divisional charts
  • Match making and compatibility
  • Prasna kundli
  • Transits
  • Gems and crystal remedial guidance
  • Homas and mantras as remedies
  • Lal kitab remedies
  • Para Vidya , transcendental knowledge
  • Planet meditations, Puja, Yantra Sadhana